"Alone" is the third episode of the first season of Vanished, it was directed, written and edited by John Pedler. It originally aired on January 12th, 2016.


After Joseph has left we find out Evan is not handling being alone very well and is starting to succumb to insanity, a problem arises for Evan.

Summary Edit


Evan is slowly driven to insanity due to his growing insomnia and isolation. Evan is depicted having a mental breakdown, breaking out into fits of laughter, smashing his head against a wall and lying on the floor staring blankly at the roof.


Evan wakes up from his sleep from the sound of a window breaking, he walks into his lounge room to discover a Drifter has broken into his house, he runs over to a closet and grabs his chain before leaving the house. Evan runs through the forest near his house, while running through the forest he comes across another Drifter that he violently kills with his chain.


Evan takes a break from running through the forest, he stops at a tree and looks at the chain he used previously to kill the Drifter. A flashback is triggered and we learn that the chain once belonged to Evan's pet dog, Remus. Evan's flashback is quickly interrupted by the sound of a gunshot, Evan decides to pursue the source of the gunshot.

Appearances Edit

*only show's characters who either first appear or die in this episode.


  • Remus (Dog)


  • N/A

Credits Edit


  • John Pedler as Evan Reed


  • Directed by John Pedler
  • Produced by Jack Zaza
  • Edited by John Pedler
  • Written by John Pedler
  • Cinematography by James Smith
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