"Mistakes" is the fourth episode of the first season of Vanished. It was directed, written and edited by John Pedler, and marks the first appearance in the series of recurring character Edmund Brecht (portrayed by Zachary Melville). It originally aired on January 21st, 2016.

Synopsis Edit

Evan investigates the mysterious gunshot to learn that there is another survivor, he saves him to learn that his true identity is not who he expected.

Summary Edit


Evan tracks the source of the gunshot to another survivor. Evan takes the survivor to a nearby lake that's secure of any Drifters. Evan begins talking to the survivor to learn his true identity is Edmund Brecht, Joseph's missing friend. Evan attempts to convince Edmund that he know's Joseph and where he is but Edmund remains weary of Evan. Edmund attempts to leave but a horde of Drifters arrives at the lake forcing the pair to run once again.


Evan takes Edmund to a nearby park, Edmund runs up the stairs before Evan uses a grenade to destroy the staircase, stopping Drifter's from being able to climb up the playground. Evan then climbs up onto the playground with the help of Edmund, the pair then hide from the Drifters on top of the playground. Hours pass before Edmund works up the courage to decide to try and get past the Drifters and leave, Evan desperately tries to stop Edmund from leaving which leads to an argument between the two. Evan violently grabs Edmund during the argument which leads to Edmund shoving Evan away, Evan becomes enraged and starts suffocating Edmund, Edmund eventually passes out, Evan begins to panic at the realization that for the first time he just killed a human being, Evan decides to use Edmund's body as bait for the Drifters and throws Edmund down to the horde surrounding the playground, once the Drifters move towards Edmund's body, Evan jumps down into a clearing and runs away from the playground.


Evan travels home after killing Edmund, Evan walks into his house to see the Drifter (from episode 3). Joseph is seen walking in front of a fence, he draws Evan's pistol and cocks it back. Evan grabs his knife and draws it. Joseph shoots the gun at someone or something off screen. Evan, in a fit of rage, stabs the Drifter in the head.

Appearances Edit

*only show's characters who either first appear or die in this episode.



  • Edmund Brecht (portrayed by Zachary Melville)

Credits Edit



  • Directed by John Pedler
  • Produced by Jack Zaza
  • Edited by John Pedler
  • Written by John Pedler
  • Cinematography by James Smith
  • Visual Effects by James Smith
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