"Saviour" is the second episode of the first season of Vanished, it was directed, written and edited by John Pedler. It originally aired on January 2nd, 2016.


Evan rescues Joseph and brings him back to his house in the hope of forming a new partnership, but does not end up with the answer he expected.

Summary Edit


The episode resumes where the previous episode left off with Evan chasing after fellow survivor, Joseph. Evan runs up the hill that Joseph was standing on-top of and shoots the two Drifters that scared Joseph off. Joseph runs off to a nearby play-ground. Joseph is forced to climb up a structure to avoid death from a Mercer, Joseph remains trapped until Evan kills the Mercer. Joseph hops down to the ground, the pair see three Drifter's walking towards them. Evan shoots two of the Drifters before his gun runs out of ammo, Evan warn's Joseph to run. The pair travel through backstreets before running across another Drifter. Evan warns Joseph to stand behind him before drawing his knife and stabbing the Drifter in the head. The pair travel through more backstreets before making it back to Evan's home.


Evan offers Joseph some food before sitting down and having a conversation with him. Evan ask's Joseph to stay with him so that they can survive together, but Joseph declines as he is currently on the search for his brother Daniel. Joseph informs Evan that another survivor may be nearby, his best-friend Edmund. Evan gives Joseph his gun before he leaves and Joseph promises that he will return the gun.


Evan tips the remaining soup down the sink, he packs away all his supplies and weapons before falling asleep on his couch.

Appearances Edit

*only show's characters who either first appear or die in this episode.


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Credits Edit


  • John Pedler as Evan Reed
  • James Smith as Joseph Alnop
  • Lachlan Northey as Drifter (Stand-in; Uncredited)
  • James Smith as Drifter (Voice only; Uncredited)


  • Directed by John Pedler
  • Produced by Jack Zaza
  • Edited by John Pedler
  • Written by John Pedler
  • Cinematography by John Pedler, James Smith, Lachlan Northey
  • Visual Effects by James Smith
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