The Jury are a group lead by The Judge. The Jury are introduced at the end of Season 1 and play a major role in Season 2. The group is much larger then the Survivors and much smaller then the Anarchists and features main antagonist (The Judge).


  • The Judge (alive)
  • Andrew Taurus (alive)
  • Sara Calhoun (alive)
  • Jack McEachern (alive)
  • Adam Fraser (alive)
  • Jeremiah Nacon (alive)
  • William Cartwright (alive)
  • Tree Guy (deceased)

Key EventsEdit

*key events in the Jurys timeline


The Jury is introduced at the end of the season 1 finale after The Judge has a conversation with Evan Reed (leader of The Survivors) after kidnapping him at the end of a battle that takes place across the entire finale.


Although only a teaser trailer has been released currently, the survivors Trial demonstrates how much power The Jury has over The Survivors and how ruthless The Judge truly is.

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