Timothy "Big T" Hockston (portrayed by Timothy Harris) is a minor character in Vanished.

Background (Pre-Apocalypse)Edit

Not much is currently known about Big T's past other then he was friends with Winston H. Abrams and was once a prisoner of The Jury.


Big T play's a minor role in Season 1.

"No More Chances"

In this episode Big T arrives at Evan's house with Winston, he is held at gunpoint by Evan Reed, Joseph Alnop and Daniel Alnop. Evan allows the pair to stay but Big T is reluctant, Winston convinces him to join the group. Big T goes on a supply run with the group, they come across 3 Drifters, Big T and Evan rush to kill them in an attempt to assert dominance. Big T later keeps a bottle of water for himself and is chastised for it by Evan. Evan attempts to kill Big T, but Big T is shot dead by a helicopter before anything can happen.

Season 2Edit

All that is currently known is that Big T will also play a minor part in a flashback in Season 2.


Big T is in the following episodes:


  • 1 Drifter


  • Big T was meant to die in the Season 1 Finale and Winston was supposed to be shot by the helicopter.
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